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Trucking Safety

Trucking Safety Goals and Policies

At Pacella, we believe that the challenges we face every day are stepping stones to success. We identify success as every commercial motor vehicle operator for Pacella and otherwise, every public motorist, and every employee of the Chicago Rail Road system that we associate with on a daily basis, returns safely to their families and loved ones without incident.

We understand that success doesn’t happen by chance. We believe that attitude is the greatest factor in achieving that success. The attitude that we promulgate throughout the company is to develop sensitivity towards human life. Ability and skill means nothing if a commercial motor vehicle operator does not cultivate the proper attitude towards our fellow human beings.

An acronym that is attached to every memo, and is printed on our daily work sheets, is F.O.A.P. which stands for “Focus on Accident Prevention”. The goal that we communicate from orientation throughout continued employment, or contract, is for every driver to eliminate distractions, and focus on the accident prevention techniques that enable them to prevent a catastrophic loss.

Pacella Trucking Express, in striving to stay on the cutting edge of trucking safety innovation, has teamed up with one of the top trucking insurance carriers in the United States which provides to the already robust trucking safety program, loss prevention skills that provide the most up to date education and training resources for our drivers. We also utilize matrixes to capture loss data to identify target areas of training, and build awareness in every identifiable situation imaginable.


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